Delivery Policy 

Materials are available for delivery to the four area listed below plus misc. towns listed. For other locations please feel free to contact Gord by phone or text 905-375-9131 .

Deliveries are to curb side of address. All delivery access past curb side are at the drivers discretion. Any delivery damage beyond curb side is the full responsibility of property owner, including any towing or site damage costs. ( example driveway ruts, lawn ruts etc.)

Owners need not be at home/site for delivery. Please leave a phone/text number when ordering so driver can contact you if necessary. Location of delivery/dump at full discretion of driver. 

Zone East

$40 Minimum Delivery Charge

$45 Castleton 25km          $40 Colborne 17 km          $40 Lakeport 18km

Zone central

$30 Minimum Delivery Charge

$30 Baltimore 10 km          $34 Centreton 15km          $30 Cobourg 12 km          $30 Eddystone 12 km    

$30 Grafton 6km          $35 Vernonville 15 km          $30 Wicklow 7km

zone west

$45 Minimum Delivery Charge

$45 Port Hope 20 km          $60 Wesleyville 35km

zone northwest

$40 Minimum Delivery Charge

$50 Bomanton 25km        $55 Canton 31km        $50 Camborne 20km        $60 Campbellcroft 37km       

$50 Coldsprings 22km        $60 Elizabethville 44km        $60 Garden Hill 40km      

$60 Osaca 40km        $60 Perrytown 35km        $40 Precious Corners 15km        $50 Welcome 26km  

misc areas

$60 Bewdley 28km        $60 Brighton 31km        $60 Burnley 29km        $70 Codrington 40km

$60 Dundonald 25km        $60 Gore's Landing 27km        $60 Harwood 25 km        $60 Morganston 34km

$60 Salem 25km        $60 Roseneath 27 km        $60 Roseneath Landing 24km    

$70 Warkworth 41 km 

For areas not listed please phone or text Gord at 905-375-9131or email at